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1 on 1 Spearfishing Instruction in
Rhode Island

Learn to harvest your own food

A one-day, life-changing experience learning to spearfish and process wild food for eating in Newport, Rhode Island. Hold your breath, dive beneath the waves, and acquire a skill you w use forever. You'll never look at the ocean the same way after this, and you can rely on yourself to harvest your own food. 

We honor the animal, and this experience is not to be taken lightly, if you are interested you must first book a connection call below. 

Now booking 2024

Why spearfishing?

Hunting for survival is an ancient practice that has been forgotten by many.

The modern way of relating to our food has left us disconnected and sick

It has been a rite of passage in many cultures for centuries to hunt, honor the animal, and bring back sustenance for your tribe.


We want you to feel this connection, and the North East has incredible opportunity for spearfishing and harvesting from the ocean.


Become Primal

Our 1-on-1 single-day experience teaches you everything you need to spearfish safely and build a foundation for a lifetime.

For begginers

Our mentorship approach honors who you are, and ensures you are comfortable throughout the entire experience. We provide everything, including gear. You do not need prior experience to learn to spearfish with us.

Here's what you'll learn:

A black and white illustration of lungs

Learn to freedive up to 20 feet by holding your breath for up to 2 minutes. Scout for new areas through modern tools.

black and white illustration of a fish with a harpoon through it

Stalk and spear multiple species of fish such as tautog, striped bass, black seabass and learn to filet and process them for eating,

black and white image of the flower of life

Connect with an ancient practice, honor the animal, and join a global tribe of men and women who are spearfishers.

Are you being called
for an initiation?

  • Community leaders looking for self discovery and deep work.

  • Those looking for a connection with their food

  • People who are interested in Memento Mori and experiencing the intimacy of death to better cherish life

  • Those who are looking to obtain new survival skills.

  • Adventurers who want a new challenge. 

  • Those looking for an initiation guided by a mentor.

Pictured below, lead guide and founder Max Augliere with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Order of Canada recipient Dr Joe MacInnis
Justin Trudeau, Max Augliere, and Joe MacInnis fishing

Your Guide

MAx Augliere

Max didn't grow up hunting or spearfishing, he found these pursuits later in life. He understands and relates to those who didn't grow up learning these skills, and he seeks to initiate them into the lifestyle forever.

Max has guided world leaders, industry executives, highschoolers, and everyone in between and is convinced each of us is capable of learning to spearfish.

After losing several close friends to overdoses, and his father to cancer, he discovered a practice lacking in modern culture. 


Max believes spearfishing as a rite of passage is a path to a gentler, more connected world. 

Tom Dehnel faceshot smiling

"In showing me a new world beneath the surface of the sea, Max also introduced me to a more capable version of myself."



Getting Started

black and white illustration of eye

1 person per experience by invite only.

Book a video conference to discuss if this is right for you here.

What can I expect?

If you feel nervous or intimidated by being in the ocean, this is to be expected and completely normal. We will work with you and mentor you through these feelings of uncertainty with the ocean. The ocean is to be respected.

This is not a freediving certification course. At the end of our experience, you will not be given a freediving certification the same way you would if you were working with a freedive training program such as Fii or Padi. 


"I walked in a little nervous for what a day of diving in the open water would look like… but not for long. Max and the team took took the time to make sure I was comfortable through every step of the process- starting from understanding why I was even interested in spearfishing in the first place." - Caroline A

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