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1 on 1 Spearfishing Instruction in
Rhode Island

Learn to harvest your own food

Practice deep work by embarking on a quest to freedive beneath the waves on a single breath of air and harvest an animal for eating. This is a deeply intimate experience between you, the animal, and your guide, and it's not to be taken lightly

Schedule a free call with the owner to see if there is alignment.

A disconnected culture

Modern humans have accomplished extraordinary things. But there has been a cost to these achievements. We feel more disconnected than ever before, to our environment, to each-other, and to ourselves

With this disconnection, we fall short of our truest potential.

...something is missing.

Wake up your warrior

what can freedive spearfishing do for you?

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A deep mind-body connection. Spearfishing demands this of us, and gifts this through a biological response called the dive reflex

The ability to hunt your own food and provide for yourself, adding security, and an intimate connection to where your food comes from.

An intimate relationship with death, leading to a profoundly deeper connection to life and the self. We honor the fish we hunt. 

What is Freedive Spearfishing?

Hold your breath and dive beneath the waves in pursuit of food. Foster a deep mind-body connection with rhythmic breathing, engage the mammalian dive reflex, and learn to harvest from the ocean using this primitive practice. 

Are you being called
for an initiation?

  • Community leaders looking for self discovery and deep work.

  • Those looking for a connection with their food

  • People who are interested in Memento Mori and experiencing the intimacy of death to better cherish life

  • Those who are looking to obtain new survival skills.

  • Adventurers who want a new challenge. 

  • Those looking for an initiation guided by a mentor.

Pictured below, lead guide and founder Max Augliere with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Order of Canada recipient Dr Joe MacInnis
Justin Trudeau, Max Augliere, and Joe MacInnis fishing

Your Guide

MAx Augliere

Max Augliere has been guiding spearfishing rites of passage for ten years. He's taken world leaders, industry executives, highschoolers, and everyone in between.

After losing several close friends to overdoses and his father to Cancer, he discovered a practice lacking in modern culture.


Max wants to share the intimate experience of spearfishing to a society in need of remembering their inherited power and revering our kinship to our natural world and each other.

Tom Dehnel faceshot smiling

"In showing me a new world beneath the surface of the sea, Max also introduced me to a more capable version of myself."



Getting Started

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We guide only 1 person per experience by invite, and we specialize in complete beginners. The first step is to schedule a Zoom meeting or phone call. We meet every person prior to agreeing to embark on this experience. Killing and harvesting an animal is an intimate experience, both the guide and the hunter must be aligned. 

Answer the call of the wild

What can I expect?

If you feel nervous or intimidated by being in the ocean, this is to be expected and completely normal. We will work with you and mentor you through these feelings of uncertainty with the ocean. 

"I walked in a little nervous for what a day of diving in the open water would look like… but not for long. Max and the team took took the time to make sure I was comfortable through every step of the process- starting from understanding why I was even interested in spearfishing in the first place." - Caroline A


We'd love to hear from you

Call or text 7034340169

coastal foraging

Coastal foraging is an intimate way to understand local lands and connect with an ancient human experience. We feel the utmost sense of responsibility in sharing our gift of freedive spearfishing to you. Our experience is like no other, with an intense focus on honoring the animal and our relationship with that being. We respect people of all backgrounds, including those who are vegetarian and vegan, with whom we have harvested animals before. If you are vegetarian or vegan and if you have curiosities about eating meat again, talk to us about it, there is no judgement here. 

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