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Dr. Joe MacInnis, C.M., M.D.

Every time I’ve met with Max, bizarre and high-stakes missions have been the norm. Our last; finding a shipwreck with Canadian Prime Minister, Mr Justin Trudeau and others of supreme importance. Max delivered perfectly, and again it was a perfect day. Strict rules had to be adhered to in order we complete the day, extreme discretion, safety protocols (sort of), and a general coolness that could be trusted with one of our world leaders. Pretty soon, all of us were eating fresh caught ceviche ending a day that words will always fall short to explain.

Max is a leader, can hold his own, and most importantly he has the curiosity necessary to make real things happen.

Tom Dehnel faceshot

In showing me a new world beneath the surface of the sea, Max also introduced me to a more capable version of myself.


I came to Max with no spearfishing or diving experience. He helped me prepare with instructional materials and several discussions about mindset, diving safety, and fishing regulations. He coached me on my first spearfishing trip, and several thereafter. 


Now, I can load and shoot a speargun. I can clean a fish. I can hold my breath for over 3 minutes. I can dive down over 80 feet.


I've trusted Max with my life before, and I would do it again.

Bill McCauley faceshot

I have gone spearfishing with Max a number of times in Florida, the Bahamas and Newport. I’ve been a lifelong diver for over 50 years and I’ve never met a more passionate free diving expert who often, if not always, finds fish even if he has to go down to 100 feet.


Keith Murphy faceshot

It's easy to see why Max is at home in the water. He has an innate ability to pass on his skills to clients; even those who have not spent much or any time in the water.

Since spearfishing with Max, it has become my most cherished hobby, and I've harvested in oceans around the world. My my vacations and travels have become far more interesting and fulfilling, and the confidence I have in being able to provide food for myself and my tribe is amazing.

Peter Depaptiste faceshot

Max is a classic waterman. He approaches spearfishing with a respect for the ocean that is refreshing. He will apply hunting techniques from the primitive to the advanced based on your mission. He keeps things safe, knows where to find fish, and always has fun!

Scott Seamone faceshot

I first met Max when I traveled to the United States from Canada for 6 months to conduct studies related to Sharks and Stingrays. I was an avid Scuba Diver for 15 years prior to this, but I had minimal experience with freediving and spearfishing

Max guided me on several trips around the coast of Florida and the Bahamas. 

He turned me into an athlete underwater and fast tracked me into safely harvesting fish, something I have continued to do since. 

I have dove in the Atlantic, Pacific, the Red and Caribbean Seas, and the Great Lakes. Hence, I have been diving with a diverse range of people around the world. Max is one of the few people that I trust underwater, and he is an incredible person to spend time with. Looking forward to diving with Max again. 

Amy Steinbeuchler faceshot

Amy Steinbuechler, Army Veteran RN

I cannot speak more highly of my experience spearfishing in Rhode Island and Max as a guide. Max takes a uniquely holistic approach to spearfishing and leads a life changing journey for those he guides. I learned so much about the sport of free diving, skills of spearfishing and the eco-system we’d be diving in. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques Max uses perfectly blended physical and mental control and had a huge impact on my ability to free dive and more. But most profound for me, was the spiritual connection and empowerment I felt while spearfishing with Max. I had personal apprehensions about “hunting” which I shared with Max, I am so glad I pushed through those barriers and thankful for our conversations and Max’s encouragement. I will forever cherish the connection I felt in harvesting my first fish, preparing it, and consuming it. Max made the entire process incredibly harmonious and ceremonial for which I am so grateful. I look forward to the next time I can join Max in the water and around a table. 

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