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How to Spearfish for Tautog in Rhode Island

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

If you want to catch more tautog, the best way to do it is to spearfish. Rhode Island is ideal for spearfishing tautog. Its rocky and abundant coastline produces incredible tautog fishing. This guide will show you how to spearfish for Tautog in Rhode Island. Read on if you're interested. Remember, never dive alone. Always be safe.

Is spearfishing for tautog in Rhode Island Legal?

Yes, spearfishing tautog is legal in Rhode Island with a recreation saltwater fishing license. Tautog season begins April 1st and runs until May 31st, it is then closed and reopens August 1st through December 31st. You are allowed 3 tautog per person per day, you are allowed 5 per person per day beginning October 15th. 2022 Rhode Island Tautog regulations have changed and recreational fishermen now may only take 1 tautog over 21 inches, the rest must be below 21 inches and above 16 inches. Here is a video spearfishing a Tautog in 15 feet of water using a Gatku Pole Spear. You are also allowed to spearfish for tautog using a speargun, Ocean State Spearguns is a local speargun builder that makes spearguns specifically designed for targeting species like Tautog.

Where to spearfish for Tautog in rhode Island?

Tautog can be found in shallow water with rocky structured bottom. Shore diving for Tautog in Rhode Island is a great way to target them. Use tools like Google Maps to find areas that may hold tautog. In the example below, I circle three rock structures off the shore in Rhode Island that are likely to hold healthy populations of tautog. You can use the feature 'measure distance' to see how far the swim is from shore.

Places to spearfish Tautog in Rhode Island.

Visibility is important for spearfishing. Rhode Island averages about 5 - 15 feet of visibility. Visibility can very greatly from one spot to the next, depending on tide, current, swell, rain, etc. If one spot has bad visibility, it's not uncommon for a spot nearby to have good visibility. The spots below are all great for spearfishing, be mindful of fishermen from the shore, be sure to give them space and be courteous.


When is the best time for Spearfishing Tautog in rhode island?

The best time to spearfish tautog is Spring and Fall. The best months for spearfishing tautog in Rhode Island are May, October and September. Select days when the winds are low so you have flat seas. Using tools like to look at wave and wind forecasts is a great way to plan which days are best for spearfishing. Below is an example of a great day for spearfishing. Low winds with a low wave period mean calm diving conditions.

If you'd like to learn more about spearfishing in Rhode Island. We wrote another blog about it here; The Ultimate Guide For Spearfishing In Rhode Island or get in touch with Max Augliere, owner of at Spearfishing Rhode Island is a 1% for the Planet Company, teaching people how to spearfish and giving people a direct experience of where their food comes from.


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