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The Best Pole Spear In Every Category For 2023

Updated: Feb 15

Man in ocean with large Cubera Snapper and polespear
Matt Walters with a 60+ lb Cubera Snapper harvested with a pole spear

Pole spears are not all made equal. The best way to select which pole spear is going to help you land the most fish will be dependent on the species you are targeting, and the environment you'll be spearfishing in. We've put together the best 4 best pole spears across different spearing applications for 2023. We've also worked out some deals with the suppliers, and there are no affiliate links in this article.

  • Best pole spear - GATKU 8'er. Use "spearfishingri" in the checkout notes for a free GATKU knife with an order of $100.00 or more.

  • Strongest Pole Spear - Neritic Big Bantam. Use "Max15"in the discount box for 15% off any order.

  • Best travel pole spear - Gatku Travel. Use Use "spearfishingri" in the checkout notes for a free GATKU knife with an order of $100.00 or more.

  • Best budget pole spear - Salvimar 7'

Best Pole Spear

The Gatku "Eight'er" is the best all around pole spear. We've speared Striper in Rhode Island with it, Grouper in The Bahamas, and Snapper in the keys. It's lightning fast when it cuts through water, and has the strength to land medium sized fish. We wouldn't target fish bigger than 25 lbs with it. For reef pole spearing, we believe it is unparalleled. We use it with the flopper tip, or slip-tip when targeting bigger species.

Most Powerful pole spear

The Neritic Blue Bantam is the flagship creation of Neritic Diving, and they now have a 2.0 roller version available now. It's 10 feet long, interchangeable to make shorter, and is capable of hunting large pelagic fish offshore. It can be adjusted for shorter lengths to accommodate more closer quarters hunting.

Best travel pole spear

We often use pole spears when traveling to places where spearfishing with a gun is illegal, such as The Bahamas. But, traveling with a with pole spear can be challenging. GATKU's travel pole spear breaks down into three sections that are about 30 inches, and they can fit in your check-bag when flying. You can buy one of their spearfishing bags for pole spears if you want one place to put your fins, mask, etc. Use "spearfishingri" in your checkout notes for a free GATKU knife on orders of $100.00 or more.

Best Budget Pole Spear

Coming in at $99.00 on Amazon with prime shipping we had to give the best budget pole spear to Salvimar. There are cheaper options out there like the iconic yellow pole spear, but the Salvimar 7 footer is longer and has a travels better in the water. It comes with a paralyzer tip, which is multi-prong tip, this is more forgiving and increases your shot's surface area which is good for beginners, but fish can wriggle off easier. We recommend starting with a flopper tip and getting comfortable with that to reduce your chances of losing fish.


We hope you enjoyed this article on the the best pole spear in every category for 2023. Spearfishing Rhode Island offers spearfishing experiences in Rhode Island, click here to learn more.

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